an Integrated Motion Control Environment (IMCE)

MotionStation™, an Integrated Motion Control Environment (IMCE) working under Windows and Linux operating systems. The MotionStation provides tools to design and develop motion control systems based on Millennium series motion control boards for brush, brushless, stepper and microstepper motors. It integrates engineering effort on setting up and testing control hardware and performing machine motion.

It consists of several components: EasyMotion™, Command Console, CyberMotion™ and C-MotionPlus libraries and drivers for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP and Linux. The libraries work in Java environment, under Windows as DLL, ActiveX, COM/DCOM and .net components and under Linux as shared libraries

EasyMotion™– a graphical application with the industry’s first ever Motion Wizard, assists in a quick and easy way to set up and tune even complex electro-mechanical systems.

Command Console – a Tcl/Tk ASCII command terminal interfacing locally or over TCP/IP network, enabling program or single motion commands execution. Its multitasking environment allows running simultaneously independent programs. The Console allows communicating with motion cards over computer networks.

CyberMotion™ – a library of high level motion functions provides API for user developed applications. The library handles parameters initialization and persistence, system status and error tracing, homing, jogging, independent and synchronized axes moves, motion limits and many others. The library contains the G-code interpreter.

C-MotionPlus – compatible with PMD’s C-Motion library featuring enhanced capabilities of handling interrupts and multiple boards communication, automatic PCI device detection, unlimited axis number interface, C and C++ function prototypes working under Windows and Linux environments.

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