EasyMotion is a Windows based utility program for controller boards that implement the PMD motion chipsets. It contains several tools to easily set up and safely run motion control systems. The program is very clearly structured and intuitive to use. Once the board is plugged in and all the wires connected, our first ever - MotionWizard takes over. It provides automatic guidance through all the necessary steps to safely start running your machine. Communication warnings, dialogs and self-testing increase your system safety features. By opening several views with the tools provided one can monitor system behavior from different angles. On-line help provides instantaneous assistance.

Program features

  • Supports the Millennium series controllers
  • Run 2 axes line and circular interpolation
  • Run program in contouring or point-to-point mode
  • START, STOP or ABORT the motion program
  • Perform continuous or step jogging
  • Define jog speed or jog speed override
  • View actual axes position
  • Home axes according to the user defined procedure
  • Zero axes position
  • View the system status
  • Define metric or English units
  • Set backlash compensation
  • Define software limits
  • Run axes in open loop
  • Set PWM or analog control signal
  • Define trapezoidal, S-curve, velocity or electronic gear motion profiles

4 easy steps to set up a sophisticated up to 4 axes motion control system

1. Plug in a motion controller board into your computer
2. Hook up actuators and feedback devices
3. Set up motion parameters
4. Tune digital servo filter gains
5. And now you are ready to run your system


MotionWizard - an automatic guidance tool that verifies board address, feedback, limits and servo amplifier connections, prompts for parameters input, etc. Spinning motors and moving machinery exhibits potential danger. It is necessary to follow all these steps to make sure that your motors or a whole machine can perform safe, unobstructed motion.

MotionScope - a graphical tool for tuning servo filter parameters. It is a 16 channel scope (4 sources of different signals for 4 axes of motion) with storage, trigger, frequency base, offset and gain features. The scope provides a very convenient way to play with the filter parameters and execute the step response in order to perform smooth motion.
MotionStatus - a tool providing constant display of the board status. Any problem with the systems can be instantaneously monitored on a computer screen.
CNC Readout - a special viewing tool that continuously displays machines X, Y, Z and W coordinates, jog parameters, feedrate and feedrate override. Large fonts help to view it from a distance.

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