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Cito Systems, Inc., located in the heart of Silicon Valley, offers easy to operate and affordable multi-axis motion control systems. The company has been founded by professionals with academic background and many years of experience in the areas of theory of control, robotics, software and electronic circuits design as well as laser and variety of machine tool applications. They hold MBA and M. Sc. degrees in the fields of Electronics and Computer Science and worked on projects for NASA, the US Navy and the US Air Force, radar, robot, semiconductor capital equipment and machine tool manufacturers. Our low overhead operation allows us to offer motion control hardware and software at very competitive prices.

We supply motion components of various configurations according to design requirements. There is no need to pay for unnecessary features. Our GUI based software, running on both Windows and Linux operating systems, includes the very first Motion Wizard in the industry. This feature allows for the easy installation and safe running of the control systems. Our goal is to deliver motion solutions not just for professional, but for even non-experienced users.

To supply high quality products, Cito Systems, Inc. partners with local ISO 9001:2000 registered and RoHS compliant manufacturing facilities.



Acrosser, an ISO-9001 certified single board computer manufacturer, has been providing quality products and professional technical support since 1987.
To be able to serve the customers in various industries such as medical, networking, manufacturing, Kiosk/POS system, gaming, and security, Acrosser is dedicated to developing comprehensive product lines and providing the ideal solutions for different customer needs. For more information please visit http://www.acrosser.com

Suba Technology, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2000 registered and RoHS compliant company.
It offers best PCB assembly performance at a superior value with its state-of-the-art equipment, total process control, and successful supplier partnership. From single board prototypes to volume production, a partnership with Suba Technology Inc. allows for an exceptional fast time to generate revenue with the best overall value. For more information please visit http://www.subatech.com


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